DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Five years ago, CBS 11 News began investigating a bizarre medical condition known as Morgellons Disease. Those who claim to have it describe unusual symptoms like strange fibers poking through their skin. But, the question all along has been is it real, or is it just in the patient’s mind?
In 2008, CBS 11 was the first to report that the Centers For Disease Control would be launching its own investigation to determine if Morgellons was in fact a new and real disease. Now, the agency is making its findings public in this report. But, it may not be what patients hoped to hear.
I feel the itchy and the creepy crawly,” said Cindy Casey when we first met her in 2007. “It’s been extremely disfiguring… every part of my body, hands, legs, arms, and back.”
Casey has been dealing with effects of a mysterious illness for more than a decade.
“I don’t escape it for one moment of the day,” she said. “I’m constantly aware of it.”

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* There is also two links that contain CDC’s full report of investigation and a response from Cindy Casey

*There are about 4 Article’s in circulation at the moment. This is about the only I would post. The others seem to be “what the media would like you to believe”…beware of them !!