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Submitted by Fran Zell on Sun, 01/29/2012 – 9:10pm
 It has the makings of a John LeCarré thriller:  A debilitating, potentially deadly, infectious disease carried by an insect the size of a poppy seed is spreading across the land. The medical establishment insists that everything is under control and that all these “sick” people are slackers or need psychiatric help. A few doctors—just a few—believe the people are really sick, and treat them according to guidelines not approved by insurance companies. One such doctor gets people in wheelchairs walking again, gives bedridden folks a new lease on life. Sick people flock to him from all over the land. He has saved many lives, and never harmed a patient. Yet one day his license is summarily suspended. There are not enough other doctors in the land to treat his many patients.
This is a story about that doctor and a state Medical Examining Board that has not always looked kindly on practitioners who treat “outside the box.” The disease is real. It’s called Lyme, and by some expert accounts, it’s an epidemic. The place is Wisconsin. But it could happen almost anywhere.

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In November 2011, Dr. John Gregory Hofffman, MD, who had treated Lyme patients for 20 years, had his license suspended by the Wisconsin medical board. This left 1300 Lyme patients scrambling for other medical care. This week, the medical board endorsed an agreement that may allow Hoffman to resume treating.

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