So the lone ticks don’t just fall from the clear blue sky… of that one poor bird ? Huh ?!! …imagine that !! Yes dear Deer, you should force the issue ! Shannon Park – North end Dartmouth..the deer that graze by the new bridge ramp are the same ones from Bedford. The ticks your Vet’s are now pulling off your pets are testing positive for LD. How long will it take for Dartmouth to be endemic?

More than 1,800 black-legged ticks were found on deer heads collected from hunters last year, and 183 more submitted to the state for identification were confirmed, compared with 29 found on deer heads the year before and 45 that were submitted and confirmed, according to the Ohio Department of Health. The ticks, some carrying Lyme disease, have especially shown up in eastern and southern Ohio.
The deer tick was first found in Ohio in 1989, and in the following two decades, only about 50 of the thousands of ticks found in the state were identified as black-legged ticks, state public health entomologist Richard Gary said. In 2010, 45 deer ticks were confirmed, giving officials their first indication of a change.

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