Lyme disease needs same action from province that flawed scans got

David Cubberley, Times Colonist

Published: Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Now scroll over to Lyme disease for a stark contrast. In 2007, a B.C. Centre for Disease Control survey revealed that more than six in 10 doctors don’t know that a patient with a bullseye rash is deemed to have Lyme and should be given antibiotics immediately.

Because of this knowledge gap, an unknown, but possibly large number of patients would have been coming to doctors’ offices with a bulls-eye rash -meaning they have Lyme disease -only to be refused diagnosis.

Or, to be told they have to pass a two-step test, which only four to six people do in all B.C. in a typical year. And if they did test negative, rash notwithstanding, they’d be refused treatment for Lyme forever -no matter how sick they become.

Without treatment, Lyme bacteria rapidly invade internal organs like the brain and heart and make people deathly ill.

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