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By Sara Ross, The Packet & Times

“If diagnosed (with Lyme dis-ease) right off the bat, it would have been two weeks of antibi-otics and everything would have been fine,” Raven said.

Instead, she faced two years of hell.

Shortly after the bite, the first symptom set in: fatigue.

“Before that I was a really, really active person. I walked the dog three times a day, played indoor soccer, mixed baseball,” Raven said. “I can’t do that any-more.”

Then the blackouts started.

“I could be walking from one room to the other and the next thing I know, I’m laying on the couch,” Raven said.

She couldn’t remember simple things and was unable to form full sentences.

She dry-heaved constantly

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Undiagnosed outbreak

AMHERST – Joy Gould believes physicians need to become more aware of Lyme Disease.

The 51-year-old Amherst woman has finally learned she has the disease and may have had it since she was 10.

“For nearly four decades I have suffered not only excruciating physical symptoms but have paid socially and emotionally as well,” said Gould. “Lyme disease, and the failure to diagnose and treat it, has deprived me of the opportunity to have a healthy family life, a career and the ability to secure a retirement and simply enjoy a good quality of life.”

Talk about how Lyme’s has been ignored for many years. Signs ,side effects,and validates the death of former Lyme’s patients. The most important is a doctor go’s on the recorded stating more needs to be done

An infectious film about microbes, money and medicine.

One of the most controversial illnesses in the history of medicine, Lyme disease may be the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States. Yet each year thousands are misdiagnosed – many of them told that their symptoms are “all in their head.” This upcoming documentary investigates the shocking human, medical, and political dimensions of Lyme disease, an emerging epidemic destroying countless numbers of lives. A case study of the dangers of the confluence of money and medicine, the film brings into focus a haunting picture of our healthcare system and its inability to cope with a biological terror under our skin.