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Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg discovered a mistake in 24 test results last month. Of these, 16 people were treated, two never fell sick enough to seek treatment, one is going to get treatment, and there’s no information on the other five.

“There are 24 individuals who we reported out falsely, negative test results,” Dr. Frank Plummer, scientific director of the National Microbiology Laboratory said Thursday from Mexico City. “They should have been reported as positive.”

The people are in Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia, the Public Health Agency of Canada said.

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Updated: Thu Jul. 29 2010 18:55:03

Health officials said blacklegged ticks may currently be around the Stanley Trail area in south-central Manitoba. That type of tick can carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

So far, health officials said there have been two Lyme disease cases in humans who were in the area and there are also reports of Lyme disease in dogs.

Manitoba Health said additional sampling will be carried out to confirm the presence of the ticks.

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