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Physician challenges medical establishment on diagnosis and treatment of chronic Lyme disease
By REG CLAYTON Posted 9 hours ago

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Murakami also referred to Center for Disease Control data which reports more than 1,000 cases of Lyme disease annually in the northern U.S. states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. However, the number of confirmed cases is much lower north of the border with Canadian provinces reporting only single or double digit incidences, fewer than 100 for all of Ontario. He questions the veracity of the Canadian statistics, noting the most common host of ticks, the deer mouse, is found across North America, and in Canada from the 49th parallel to the Arctic Circle. He cited studies of the ticks they carry as testing positive for the bacteria.

Murakami suggests the medical community is guilty of “criminal neglect” in maintaining the position that Lyme disease is rare in Canada.

“It’s here but they don’t want to acknowledge the evidence,” he said. “Canadian tests suggest there’s nothing to worry about yet the same area has the highest numbers of multiple sclerosis in the world and the lowest numbers of Lyme disease.”

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How the health care system has failed them. CHEK News Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Interview with Jay McQuhae regarding his daughter Marie battling Lyme Disease while they battle the road blocks in our healthcare system. After chartering a private jet they have now left Canada for her to be treated by a Lyme specialist in Northern California

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This is video of spirochetes and biofilm found in infected ticks throughout BC from Dr. Kindree and Dr. Banergee from the BC CDC. This video was given to Dr. Murakami by Dr. Kindree.

 “The doctors have a big apology to give the general public,” he says. “Infectious disease doctors don’t even believe that chronic Lyme disease exists. Their knowledge is way, way behind.”Even if doctors are convinced a patient has Lyme disease, they are reluctant to treat it if it has advanced beyond theinitial stage that requires only a few weeks of antibiotics, says Murakami.“Doctors in Canada are petrified to talk about Lyme disease,” he says.