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Published on January 22, 2012
French Connection performs during a benefit for Brenda Sterling-Goodwin

Topics : Trinity United ChurchHundreds of people turned out to Trinity United Church Sunday afternoon for a benefit for Brenda Sterling-Goodwin, who has Lyme disease.
The benefit included musicians, a silent auction and bake sale.
Money will go to help cover medical expenses associated with the disease.

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January 25, 2012

People who know Brenda Sterling-Goodwin have marvelled at her persistence as she tries and helps others to conquer Lyme disease.

They supported her over the past week during a benefit for her Sunday at Trinity United Church and during a presentation of a documentary on Lyme disease that she hosted last Thursday at the New Glasgow library.

Nearly 200 people attended the benefit at the church auditorium that raised more than $5,000 for Sterling-Goodwin and featured a silent audition, bake sale and live entertainment featuring numerous local musicians.

“People came out and supported Brenda,” said Jill Munro, who helped organize the event. “It was a good day.”

Sterling-Goodwin thanked those who attended the event and those who were unable to and still contributed to the event nonetheless.

“I cannot say thank you enough for all the support for this wonderful event,” she said. “All of you here have made it possible. I feel very blessed.”

She said the event has helped her reach more people who are discovering that symptoms they have experienced for years in some cases coincide.

“My mission to help others is like the wind in my sails,” she said.

More than 40 people attended the screening of the documentary Under Our Skin that examines the travails of Americans who have encountered the bacteria emitted by black-legged ticks.

It also outlined members of the medical profession who have widely diverging views on the disease’s prevalence and how to treat it.

Some Lyme doctors have either had their medical licences suspended or are fighting protracted legal battles to keep them.

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Lyme disease is called the great impostor as it is often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed as some other condition. I feel certain there are many people who may fall into this category here in Pictou County. For more information check out the web site
If our pets can have Lyme why not us? Ticks are not fussy who they choose for a blood meal.
This is a growing problem that needs to be recognized; education is the key. How can you do something about something you know nothing about?


Brenda Sterling-Goodwin gives a factual talk about Lyme Disease, how it is contracted, and how it is treated when diagnosed. The talk was presented at the New Glasgow branch of the Pictou Antigonish Regional Library in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, May 6, 2010. This is part 1 of 4 videos that comprise the recording.