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Remember they said Lyme doest kill. When the truth is forest from that.
Not only does it kill, but has. The media just started in the last few years coving stories about Lyme’s. Why wait till now, I mean hello it’s been here since we known early 1970′s, and they are just now picking up on it. Get real. The fact is just this they chose to ignore it, only to have people blind sided when struck down with this illness. Now that many live daily suffering they chose to treat people like it’s in there heads. Well yeah it is, But it’s not our imaginations as they wish it was. It’s called Lyme Disease. But keep in mind we the survivors are told by many in the medical field Lyme disease doesn’t kill. When we question to why we feel so ill, or our bodies are giving out do to this illness ; It’s in our heads, only make us feel even more confused, and alone. This video may seem cold, it’s far from it. It gives a voice to those that have past on, giving only more meaning to their lives. No more BS about it, for far to long we sat praying for a cure. WE trusted in the medical field. After all we never ask to get sick in the first place. We don’t ask for a cure, we demand it. Time to face the reality of facts.
In memory of those who lost their battle with this horrific disease, and lives where cut short.

Randy Sykes message to Lyme Patients asking patients to put aside their personal differences and act together for positive change. Mr. Sykes was a DOT working in Connecticut before being stricken down with Lyme.

He isn’t lazy, rides Harleys and is not someone to bellyache.

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 March 2010

Critics and Lyme disease sufferers say their illness isn’t taken seriously enough and the ‘ignorance’ and ‘arrogance’ of Canadian health agencies has driven them to desperation.

Marie McQuhae Lyme Disease –