Published Wednesday June 30th, 2010
New Brunswick is one of a handful of areas listed on Canada’s watch list for Lyme disease hot spots.

Jacqueline Badcock, a zoonotic diseases consultant with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, displays some of the information being distributed by the Department of Health to warn people about the threat of Lyme disease. She says there’s been an increase in the number of ticks submitted for testing in the past couple of years. The Public Health Agency of Canada has labelled the province as an area where the risk for exposure to the disease is high because the ticks that transmit Lyme disease are known to be established here.

The national agency is also keeping a close eye on parts of southern and southeastern Quebec, southern and eastern Ontario, southeastern Manitoba, Nova Scotia and much of southern British Columbia for the blacklegged ticks that can carry the Lyme disease-causing bacteria.

“(New Brunswick) is on the list because there’s a confirmed area – Millidgeville is a confirmed endemic area for Lyme disease – so there’s a reproducing tick population,” said Dr. Nicholas Ogden, director of the Zoonoses Division at the Centre for Foodborne, Environmental and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, a division of the Public Health Agency of Canada in Ottawa.

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