If I had one question for Dr. Burton Waisbren, it would be ~ What’s it like to go to work and sit at the table with the IDSA? Looking very forward to reading this book.

Many people are saying that this is the most important Lyme disease book ever written!

Keep reading to find out why…

One of the biggest obstacles facing patients with chronic Lyme disease is the IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America). This prestigious organization has denied the scientific validity of chronic Lyme disease and looks down upon the Lyme-literate physicians who treat it.

The author of this book is not just any Lyme disease doctor!

Dr. Burton Waisbren is not only a current Fellow of the IDSA, he is is also one of it Founding Members! He has been in medical practice for over 57 years and has published Lyme disease research in prestigious journals including, The Lancet.

In this book, he tells us the truth: that chronic Lyme disease is a real medical condition which he has treated dozens of times in his 57+ year career as an infectious disease physician. 
By reading this book, you will find out how Dr. Waisbren is helping his patients and which treatments he has found to be most effective for
chronic Lyme disease.

Excerpt: Dr. Waisbren states that based on his 51 years in “investigative internal medicine”, his training in infectious disease, the medical literature, and all his clinical experience that he has (direct quote) “Come to the conclusion that there is an epidemic of chronic Lyme disease occurring in the United States that warrants more attention than it is getting from the government and the academic medical establishment. It is hard for me to believe that the fifty one cases of what I call the chronic Lyme disease syndrome represent a figment of my imagination.” He add this, “I suggest that those who doubt that the Lyme disease syndrome exists and that it can be treated turn to the over two hundred peer reviewed references included in summary articles written by two giants in the Lyme disease field: Dr. B.A. Fallon and Dr. Steven Phillips.”