Premier Appoints Ministerial Assistants

Premier’s Office

June 29, 2009 1:39 PM

Premier Darrell Dexter announced today, June 29, that eight MLAs have been appointed ministerial assistants.

“I have a talented team that will work hard to make sure we keep the commitments we’ve made,” said Mr. Dexter. “My goal is to make life better for today’s families and our ministerial assistants will play an important role in helping make that happen.”

Ministerial assistants will represent ministers and government to build relationships with important stakeholders, and oversee policy and program development that helps government keep commitments.

The following Members of the Legislative Assembly have been appointed ministerial assistants:
– Jim Boudreau Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
– Gary Burrill, House Leader
– Vicki Conrad, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
– Howard Epstein, Department of Community Services, specifically co-operative housing and other housing programs
– Leonard Preyra, Office of Immigration
– Gary Ramey, Department of Health
– Brian Skabar, Office of Aboriginal Affairs
– Lenore Zann, Tourism, Culture, and Heritage