Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Michael Haynes at 10:04 AM

New Information about Lyme Disease in Nova Scotia

On page 14 of the 2nd edition of Trails of Halifax Regional Municipality, I state that the American Dog Tick is present in Nova Scotia, but carries “no known dangerous diseases.” Although this was apparently true when I wrote the manuscript in early 2010, a recently released study makes this now incorrect.

In an article published on August 11 in the Chronicle-Herald, it said: “Provincial records, kept since 2002, show that there have been 50 cases of Lyme disease treated in Nova Scotia, and 39 of those inflicted got the illness in this province.”

“Lyme disease is an inflammatory illness causing swelling of the joints, fever, fatigue, headache and muscle aches. It can lead to heart problems and chronic joint trouble if left untreated”, and symptoms may take years to appear. They are often difficult to correctly diagnose as Lyme Disease, due to their symptomatic similarity with other health problems and the fact that they arise long after the tick incident has been forgotten.

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