“Tormented” by Lyme Disease
By Luke Hendry
The Intelligencer
Friday, June 1, 2012 8:31:33 EDT PM

“It has completely changed my life and I live with it every day,” Cox, 68, said from her home north of Bancroft.

She was diagnosed in 1990 but believes the infection came from a suspected tick bite in the fall of 1989.

Cox said she was working in a swampy area behind the family home when she felt something on the back of her neck, so she “smucked” it.

“When I took my hand away my hand was completely smeared with blood, more than normal” from swatting a bug, she said.

“I wiped it on my pants and I said, ‘That guy had a good feed.’”

Cox said she never saw what bit her and thought little of it until later that fall, when she was struck by extreme fatigue. It continued that winter, along with flu-like aches and other symptoms.

Next came skin irritation and numb fingers and toes.

By the spring of 1990 blood tests had revealed an unknown infection. Cox was diagnosed with Lyme soon afterward.

She said she “felt great” and thought she was cured after being treated with antibiotics, “but then within a month the symptoms were coming back.”

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