Dogs with Lyme disease on rise
Adam MacInnis, Published on May 28, 2012
Pictou County vets are finding a large number of animals with ticks this year. Numerous have tested positive for Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness. Pictured is Cherie Smith with a Dalmation named Sally at the East River Animal Hospital.

Vet clinics throughout the county are reporting incidents of dogs with Lyme disease, a illness transmitted by black legged ticks which are now known to populate various areas of the county. Dr. Brenda Spence-MacLeod of the Pictou Veterinary Clinic said she has had two confirmed cases this spring of dogs with Lyme disease with the most recent confirmation arriving just last week. Like many other clinics in the county, she is seeing more canines coming in with ticks and tick bites, which is something that people in this area had never had to think about in the past. Even last year, she said she didn’t see it as much of a problem. “I am more concerned about it this year,” she said. She said that there are a lot of dogs who aren’t tested who could also be carrying the disease, but just aren’t showing clinical signs. Dr. Kathryn Finlayson of the East River Animal Hospital said she’s tested about 50 dogs over the last year with five coming back positive for Lyme disease. She was able to successfully treat four while the fifth had to be euthenized.

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