EUREKA- A rare caribou that was suffering from paralysis from a tick bite was recently found near Eureka.

The female was one of 19 caribou wearing a radio collar and was part of a herd that migrated from British Columbia into the Salish Mountains.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials say she appeared to be dead on the radio signal because she wasn’t moving.

FWP employees then set out to look for the animal and she was found to be suffering from the effects of tick paralysis and given two bags of IV fluid.

“It was pretty fortunate that we were able to come upon her quick enough and get her off the mountain and to a veterinarian to treat this tick issue. She probably would’ve perished,” FWP Wildlife Manager Jim Williams explained.

Canada has been working to revive their caribou population and if their program is a success, the animals would once again roam through northwest Montana on a more regular basis.

(photo courtesy Montana FWP)

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