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Update: May 30, 2012

Lyme Disease in Canada

The following background information is abstracted from Gideon and the Gideon e-book series. [1,2]

Time and Place: The first case of Lyme disease in Canada was reported from Quebec in 1984. – Approximately 100 cases had been reported as of 1990 (67 of these from Ontario); 205 as of 1994 (105 of these autochthonous). – As of 1997, cases were reported from New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, southern Manitoba and British Columbia. – 280 cases were reported from Ontario during 1981 to 1998 (127 locally acquired); 172 during 1999 to 2004 (31 locally-acquired). – 20 cases were reported in Alberta during 1989 to 2008. – Nova Scotia reported its first locally-acquired case of Lyme disease in 2002. – 93 cases were confirmed in British Columbia during 1997 to 2008 (true number estimated at 142).

Vectors and Reservoirs: – The local vectors include the deer tick (Ixodes scapularis), western blacklegged tick (I. pacificus) and rabbit tick (Haemaphysalis leporispalustris – possibly an enzootic vector in Alberta). – As of 2000, I. scapularis had been found in over 250 locations in Canada including Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia , New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan; the Long Point Peninsula on Lake Erie (southern Ontario); Point Pelee National park and Rondeau Provincial Park on the north shore of Lake Erie; and Atlantic Canada. – I. pacificus is found in the southern and coastal regions of British Columbia (Borrelia burgdorferi has also been found in Ixodes angustus in these areas), the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. – Passerine birds appear to disperse infected ticks in Canada. – An infected tick (Ixodes scapularis) was found on a bird (common yellowthroat = Geothlypis trichas) in Nova Scotia (1999). – Borrelia burgdorferi has been identified in an additional avian tick species, Ixodes auritulus. – Borrelia garinii has been identified in seabird ticks (Ixodes uriae) in Newfoundland. Ixodes uriae is a known parasite of deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) on the Gannet Island Archipelago, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Prevalence surveys: 12.5% I. scapularis, including 10.1% of ticks collected from humans (2006 publication) 8% of I. scapularis nymphs recovered from northward migrating birds in non-endemic areas of Eastern Canada (2005 to 2006) 11.4% of ticks collected from songbirds (2004 to 2006) 67% of tick pools collected at Turkey Point Provincial Park, Ontario (2005 to 2006) 29.5% of ticks infesting songbirds, nationwide (2011 publication)

References: 1. Berger SA. Infectious Diseases of Canada, 2012. 496 pages, 107 graphs, 3130 references. Gideon e-books, Berger SA. Lyme Disease: Global Status, 2012. 73 pages, 65 graphs, 593 references. Gideon e-books,

See link:

Book “Prime Example” Tells Our Story
Prime Example
The True Story of the Case That Saved Alternative Medicine in New York State
by Robert H Harris
Vienna, VA —This is the story of the case fought and won by Dr. Warren M. Levin on behalf of patients seeking Integrative and Complementary Medicine. It is told by the attorney who defended Dr. Levin in a grueling, 14-year battle with the State of New York as it attempted to rid itself of all physicians practicing such medecine.
Through his legal battle and final win before the New York State Board of Professional Medical Conduct, Dr. Levin has continued to fight for the rights of physicians throughout the country to provide quality care to their patients and for patients to seek integrative and complementary therapies.
Background on Dr. Levin
Dr. Warren M. Levin is a graduate of Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and opened the first Alternative Medical Center in NYC in 1974. Dr. Levin is called, “The East Coast Dean of Alternative Medicine.”
Today Dr. Levin’s thriving practice in Vienna, Virginia is dedicated to furthering the advancement of preventative studies, therapy and research of individuals with autism, Lyme disease and other chronic conditions. He has dedicated his 30-year career to developing treatment protocols for diseases like attention disorders, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum, asthma, Lyme disease; Lyme induced autism, heavy metal toxicities, chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue syndrome. Other diseases treated are diabetes, fibromyalgia, food allergies, natural hormone therapy, Candida and parasites, advanced longevity and cardiovascular disease.
Dr. Levin received the Distinguished Pioneer In Alternative Medicine Award by F.A.I.M (Foundation For The Advancement For Innovative Medicine) Medicine in 1995 after his final victory. Dr. Levin is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Medicine & Healthcare.

On December 12/2012 Canlyme printed this story … regarding a letter that was sent out to ALL MP/MLA’s regarding Lyme disease in Nova Scotia .  It seems I am not the only one upset about this letter.  One of the lines I was most upset with, because it rang so true, was not in the original “Strang Letter” , it was in the rebuttal from The Canlyme website…..
“Canadian Infectious Disease doctors Canada wide have refused in writing to see any patient that did not pass that flawed protocol “.
That sentence directly applied to me, as I too could not be seen here in Nova Scotia by Infectious disease, and I also know of others. I also have it in writing,  not once, but twice  !!!!!  I decided to enquire about the contents of the letter (which would be used to educate the public and squash public fear) but it was more like pulling teeth.  I emailed all 52 constituents to see what they thought. The responses were varied, to say the least. What I received was anything from no to yes, through a third party,  to pretty much ….. you may as well take a hike.  It will take awhile to get these posted…. but here’s a small taste.

MLA for Lunenburg West (endemic jurisdiction Lunenburg and Queens Co.)

He is Ministerial Assistant to the Department of Health and Wellness.

Subject: Re: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:57:25 -0300
Dec 17, 2012
This note is in regard to Dr. Strang /Chief Medical Office (DHW) letter regarding Lyme disease. This letter was sent out to all MLA/MP dated November 28, 2012 . Could you please confirm that your office has received this letter from him.
Thank you in advance,
From: ingrid
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 10:35 AM
Dear Constituent,
I sent you an email two days ago and have not had a response yet. Do you have someone that answers emails from the people that elected you?  As an elected member I would expect at least that. The only question I had, at that time, was if you received the letter from Dr. Strang/Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding Lyme disease?  Lyme disease is a province wide issue. However, now I am very dismayed that I have not received any response …..PLEASE RESPOND!!
Sincerely Ingrid
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 14:35:54 -0400
Dear Mrs XXXXXX :
I apologize for not responding sooner as I thought this was a hoax. Let me explain why.  It is addressed to Dear Constituent. I am the MLA for Lunenburg West, although technically I suppose I am  my own constituent. I have no idea if you are even a constituent of mine as you have not identified your home community, and I respond, as much as possible, to my own constituents first.   I get many e-mails per day along with many phone calls.  I try to respond to everyone as soon as possible , but events at this time of year often take me out of the office, and I am a bit slower at getting back  As I indicated, I thought the bizarre salutation made this a hoax.  I answer all my own e-mails, as I am the elected representative, and as such I am the one who should and does respond.  I am not sure why a two day response window would cause you to  be dismayed, but in answer to your question, I did receive a letter from Dr. Strang, and I have referred your inquiry to his office
Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.
From: ingrid
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2013 3:26 PM
constituent – a member of a constituency; a citizen who is represented in a government by officials for whom he or she votes; “needs continued support by constituents to be re-elected”

Tuesday Janruary 01, 2013
Dear Mr. Gary Ramey MLA Lunenburg West,
HOAX ????
Thankyou very much for your note and addressing my inappropriate verbatim and usage of the word ” constitiuent”. It absolutly astounds me that someone with part of your Bio. Premier Darryl Dexter’s Ministerial Assistant for the Department of Health and a former board memeber of Bonnie Lea farm (so eleqauntly-I might add) took a full paragraph to address. Were you trying to be rude, belittling or were you just trying to avoid this issue of Lyme disease and the “letter” all together?
While I do not live in “YOUR” endemic area, Lyme disease is a serious Province wide issue!!!!
As being our Premier’s Ministerial Assistant I would assume that you would have been one of the first to have been privy to the letter “Lyme disease in Nova Scotia” by our Chief Medical Officer-Dr. Robert Strang, before it was sent out. I’m perplexed as to why you felt the need to address the “bizzare” salutation in great detail, rather than the important issue at hand. Why did you forward my inquiry to Dr. Strang’s office? Our Premier has first hand knowledge of the issues with Lyme disease in this province, have you spoke to him regarding Lyme disease? My question was to you Mr. Ramey, more importantly, what did you think of the letter?
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 14:35:54 -0400
Thank-you for your email.  I want you to know that my response to you was in no way meant to be condescending, belittling, or rude.  It is not in my nature to treat others this way, and conversely I do not enjoy being treated that way myself.  I reiterate that I thought because of the salutation that this e-mail was a hoax.  I also recollect there was something about the return e-mail address that I found strange, but I would have to go back and look at the original e-mail to check on what that was.
In any event, my role as Ministerial Assistant does not make me privy to discussions on health care policy in Nova Scotia on a regular basis, nor, in my role as Ministerial Assistant, am I consistently informed on all the issues that are the purview of the Department of Health and Wellness.  Policy discussions and health care practices are in the arena of the minister in consultation with experts in their respective fields, of which Dr. Strang would be one. In 2009, when our government was elected, we merged the Department of Health and the Department of Wellness together to form one.  As a result, the minister’s role was expanded due to the formation of of one ministry from two.  The role of the Ministerial Assistant is similar to that of a Parliamentary Secretary to a federal cabinet minister.  This means I often appear on behalf of the minister at an event, or deliver a speech on his behalf.  My role is not to formulate policy, or to be consulted or briefed on the myriad of health-related issues confronting the minister.  That’s his defined role.
I recognize that Lyme Disease is a health issue in our province and, specifically in my area of the province,—–  Lunenburg and Queens Counties. I read the letter from Dr. Strang and felt it was thoughtful, comprehensive, and clear.  I know this issue continues to receive attention at the department.  Not being an expert in this field, nor having a role to play that would be applicable, I forwarded your concerns to the individuals in government who would be most likely to professionally address this issue.  It is my duty to do this, as that is my role as an MLA.
I hope this clarifies my position on this matter.
Happy New Year
Warmest regards,
From: Lyme Ing <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 10:40 PM
Dear Mr. Gary Ramey MLA Lunenburg West:
Thank-you very much for your email. The orignal intention of this email was to find out if you as an “MLA” had received the letter “Lyme disease in Nova Scotia” by Dr. Strang/Chief Medical Officer of Health dated November 28/2012 and WHEN ? It seems that as of today’s date not all MP/MLA’s have received it (some have received it through a third party). When did you recieve this letter directly from Dr. Strang’s office is the question? Please do not forward this question to Dr. Strang’s office (I have his email) as this question was not posed to him it was directed at you soley as your role as an MLA with Lunenburg being an endemic area, which is in your arena as an MLA.
Please note:
I have changed my email address from (the email address you found strange)  to maybe we can stay focused on the task at hand , and not skirt the issue.
Happy New Year,
**** Still awaiting response…!!! ****

Dartmouth East-Andrew Younger MLA

Subject: RE: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 00:05:22 -0300
Dec 17, 2012
This note is in regard to Dr. Strang /Chief Medical Office (DHW) letter regarding Lyme disease. This letter was sent out to all MLA/MP dated November 28, 2012 . Could you please confirm that your office has received this letter from him.
Thank you in advance,
From: ingrid (]
Sent: December-18-12 1:29 PM
To: Office of Andrew Younger MLA
Subject: RE: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Do you have someone that responds to emails?
Subject: RE: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 18:43:17 +0000
Yes Ms. XXXXXX, I respond to emails on behalf of Andrew’s office.
However, I wanted to check with Andrew about a response to your query.
This constituency office has never received any missive from Dr. Strang regarding Lyme disease, nor any other topic in recent memory. Neither has Andrew’s Liberal Party office (the caucus office) in downtown Halifax.
At this point in time, we have yet to find an MLA who is in receipt of this message from Dr. Strang regarding Lyme disease.
What we have received, is an email “in response to” Dr. Strang’s mystery message stating that Dr. Strang’s letter contains “some serious misinformation”. That email has been forwarded to Andrew, via this office.
We hope that answers your question.
Patti Tabor
Patti Tabor | Constituency Assistant
Office of Andrew Younger
MLA – Dartmouth East
73 Tacoma Drive, Suite 600 |
Dartmouth | Nova Scotia | B2W 3Y6
T: 902.406.4420 | F: 902.406.4421 | E:

Vicki Conrad MLA Queens

Ingrid, on behalf of Vicki Conrad, thank you for your email and my apologies for not responding earlier.  We have received the letter from Dr. Strang and we have been advised that Dr. Strang will be addressed the inquiry in the new year.
Seasons’s Greetings & Happy New Year!
Judi Milne, Constituency Assistant
We Build Ships – check it out:
Ministerial Assistant to Transportation & Infrastructure & Caucus Chair
PO Box 430, 43 Carten St., Liverpool, NS  B0T 1K0
902-354-5203, fax 1-902-354-5247, toll free 1-888-354-5203
As a footnote (from Canlyme) :

Local MLAs hear requests for Lyme disease vigilance

NEW GLASGOW – Pictou County’s three MLAs and several county councilors got educated about Lyme disease from those suffering from the disease. They also received a long list of items the delegation wants instituted into Nova Scotia’s detection and treatment of the disease during a meeting on Monday at Justice Minister Ross Landry’s Pictou Centre constituency office. “We did our best,” delegation member Alice Lees said. “There are strong intentions and they’ve information that will be helpful.” Besides Landry, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker and Pictou East MLA Clarrie MacKinnon, municipal councilors in attendance included Deputy Warden Andy Thompson, Sally Fraser, Debi Wadden and Jamie Davidson. “We know Lyme disease is a serious and real problem,” Landry said. “The big thing is getting the medical and health communities and the public educated. We met to help assure that various departments are aware of this.” The delegation members want the Medical Act of Nova Scotia updated to ensure those with Lyme disease receive the same guarantee former Health Minister Maureen MacDonald asserted “that all Nova Scotians receive the best possible care from highly qualified and trained doctors.”

If I had one question for Dr. Burton Waisbren, it would be ~ What’s it like to go to work and sit at the table with the IDSA? Looking very forward to reading this book.

Many people are saying that this is the most important Lyme disease book ever written!

Keep reading to find out why…

One of the biggest obstacles facing patients with chronic Lyme disease is the IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America). This prestigious organization has denied the scientific validity of chronic Lyme disease and looks down upon the Lyme-literate physicians who treat it.

The author of this book is not just any Lyme disease doctor!

Dr. Burton Waisbren is not only a current Fellow of the IDSA, he is is also one of it Founding Members! He has been in medical practice for over 57 years and has published Lyme disease research in prestigious journals including, The Lancet.

In this book, he tells us the truth: that chronic Lyme disease is a real medical condition which he has treated dozens of times in his 57+ year career as an infectious disease physician. 
By reading this book, you will find out how Dr. Waisbren is helping his patients and which treatments he has found to be most effective for
chronic Lyme disease.

Excerpt: Dr. Waisbren states that based on his 51 years in “investigative internal medicine”, his training in infectious disease, the medical literature, and all his clinical experience that he has (direct quote) “Come to the conclusion that there is an epidemic of chronic Lyme disease occurring in the United States that warrants more attention than it is getting from the government and the academic medical establishment. It is hard for me to believe that the fifty one cases of what I call the chronic Lyme disease syndrome represent a figment of my imagination.” He add this, “I suggest that those who doubt that the Lyme disease syndrome exists and that it can be treated turn to the over two hundred peer reviewed references included in summary articles written by two giants in the Lyme disease field: Dr. B.A. Fallon and Dr. Steven Phillips.”

Published in February, 2008, this is one of the first comprehensive Lyme disease books written by a reputable Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD)—Kenneth Singleton, M.D.

With 523 pages, the book offers information on numerous Lyme-related topics, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and political controversy. See the Table of Contents for more information. 

Dr. Singleton, who holds both a medical degree and a Master’s degree in Public Health, began practicing medicine in 1971, after spending 7 years as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Wright State University. In 1997, Dr. Singleton began a private practice in suburban Baltimore where he still practices today. Before writing The Lyme Disease Solution, he co-authored a book entitled Natural Health for African Americans in 1999. He has lectured extensively and is a frequent guest on radio and TV on topics related to health, particularly Lyme disease. 

Dr. Singleton is an active member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society), ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine), and A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). According to his website, The Lyme Disease Solution was written to provide practical guidance for patients and practitioners in dealing with Lyme disease. In his own words:

“What I have accomplished with this 500+ page book, The Lyme Disease Solution, is to share my everyday knowledge and practical experience of 10 years as a Lyme-enlightened practitioner (who also is himself a Lyme-survivor). Although I hesitate to use the “cure” word in relation to chronic Lyme, the principles in this book have resulted in a greater than 90% response rate in my patients. At least 60% of my patients achieve long-term improvement that allows them to get off of antibiotics completely.”

                                                                   — Ken Singleton, M.D.

Lyme disease is a difficult illness to diagnose and treat, and this book offers patients and practitioners life-saving information not available anywhere else in print or on the internet. If you would like to learn more about the book before ordering it, feel free to browse these excerpts, which are available online, free of charge:

Table of ContentsIntroductionControversy and Background

SymptomsTesting and DiagnosisNatural Killer (NK) Cells

Anti-Inflammation DietMedical History and Physical Exam

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)Food, Diet, and Omega Fatty Acids

Hope and Positive OutlookIndex  • Antibiotic Treatment  • Herxheimer Reaction

Co-Infection Treatment  • Vitamin SupplementationProbiotics and Omega Fatty Acids

Lyme Related Sleep Problems and Insomnia

By Ken Singleton, M.D.
Foreword by James A. Duke, Ph.D.
Paperback Book, 523 Pages, $29.95 + $7 Shipping & Handling
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(530) 541-7200


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And what are we doing to mark Lyme disease awareness month, you may ask? Well we are launching a book! We are now accepting orders for our new book, Ending Denial – The Lyme Disease Epidemic: A Canadian Public Health Disaster (front cover pictured at left; click for larger image).

Canadians are routinely told by their doctors that Lyme does not exist in Canada and that there is no such thing as its chronic form – its most devastating form, also known as “the great imitator”. The few Canadian doctors actively involved in diagnosing and treating Lyme are frequently persecuted by their licensing authorities when treating Chronic Lyme cases according to international standards; the Canadian Blood Services do not even screen for Lyme (as most other countries do, including the US), and Canada’s Medicare system endorses only tests for Lyme known to produce false negatives — Canada’s doctors are not permitted to use tests that are internationally known to be reliable. This book examines the reasons for this corruption of medicine and erosion of public health standards in Canada.

“If you or someone you love may be suffering from Lyme disease, this book is for you. If you want to know what’s wrong with our health care system, this book is for you. If you have wondered why every conversation about our health care system in Canada and the US ends up being about money, this book is for you. Read it and bear witness to the courage of those who challenge the status quo and truly put patients first. Read it to help protect yourself from the vested interests that have kept doctors and patients in the dark about the true nature of Lyme disease. Read it to understand how blindly doing what the doctor says may be the most dangerous thing you could do for your own health.”

– Terence Young, MP Oakville, Ontario
(author of Death by Prescription