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2500x VFRC vs. HR-dark field (HD 1080/50p) video microscopy of Borrelia sp

Published on Dec 4, 2012

Borrelia spirochete species can hardly be visualized in vital blood due to fast movement and halo effects of conventional dark field illumination. Here we show an improved VFRC (0:00-03:40) and HR (high time and image resolution) dark field (DF) illumination (04:00) using a special condensor with high intensity white LED and a VFRC 110x objective as well as 25-40x zoom lens focussed on a high resolution high sensitivity aps-c cmos chip. Large immune complexes of antibody-precipitated spirochetes, cyst forms of spirochetes, intracellular spirochetes and single vital fast moving spirochetes compromised by antibodies can well be seen in HR-DF, less in VFRC of the freshly isolated capillary blood. The patient is permanently treated by bioresonance, light therapy and herbal remedy therapy specific for neuroborreliosis, according to a novel protocol. Weekly DNA-PCR-tests are performed to screen the blood concentration of borrelia bacteria. The patient is suffering from skin release of spirochete cysts (histiocytomes and leucocytomes) as well as alzheimer-like psycho-neurological disorders. VFRC microscopy and HR-DF are a novel technique invented by Armin Koroknay, Switzerland

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Help bring Lyme research to new levels.

With today’s technology and knowledge we are lightyears ahead of just one decade ago. It is time for aggressive human tissue/fluid study, both live subject and post mortem.

No longer should we simply throw away tissues in any surgery people with and many other conditions. We want to thoroughly explore just how prevalent borreliosis is in the human population and we can do it now.
Register (very easy) and vote each day now until Dec. 12 to get us to the finals!!

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Well over 1 million Canadians suffer from chronic illnesses such as myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome), fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities and Lyme disease. Currently these diseases do not get the required attention by our health care system. Moreover, research in these fields lacks greatly.

A new Complex Chronic Diseases Clinic will open in 2013 in Vancouver to address these diseases, research them and provide the support that its sufferers deserve.

Through this project, we want to help fund medical equipment needed in order to properly diagnose these patients, and acquire essential equipment in order to conduct proper research.

Here is the equipment that is currently most needed, identified by the administrators of this clinic:

Ongoing research in the future
-minus 80 degree Celsius upright freezer to store future patient samples for ongoing research in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia
-refrigerated centrifuge to spin down the samples
-software system to track the patient samples and a label producing machine to track the samples in the freezer.

 No one is immune to these diseases in Canada. They happen to men, women and children. Moreover, many of the current patients are disabled, housebound and bedridden. This clinic in Vancouver represent hope for a better future.

Helke Ferrie
Lyme Disease Goes Under The Microscope
Public Demands Better Testing and Treatment for World’s Fastest Proliferating Disease by Helke Ferrie


The ancient Romans, not known for their user-friendly policies, did know when to listen to the “vox populi”; even emperors felt the heat when a lot of people made a noise about the same issue. Rome at its height held about a million people. So, what does it take to get the McGuinty government to face facts about one of the worst infectious diseases in the world? How about 3.5 million Ontarians?

MPP Bob Bailey (Conservative, Sarnia-Lambton) presented a petition on November 23, 2011, requesting that Ontario’s antiquated Lyme disease testing protocol (developed almost 50 years ago and documented to be up to 95% false negative) be replaced by internationally recognized, scientifically validated, reliable, new, FDA-approved tests. This petition also asked that the government direct Ontario doctors to learn to treat the most devastating form, Chronic Lyme Disease, in accordance with up-to-date diagnostic and treatment protocols. The petition emphasizes that this tick-borne illness mimics – and may contribute to –catastrophic diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, arthritic diabetes, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and that these facts were published since the mid-1990’s, and also appear in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). About one hundred Ontario municipalities formally endorsed this petition: that’s 3.5 million Ontarians.

The response from our Minister of Health, the Hon. Deb Matthews, was posted March 19th on the government website. It announced: “This government is committed to protecting the safety of all Ontarians and their families from preventable vector-borne diseases,” and it lists what the government has done since 2010. (Incidentally, in 2010 the book Ending Denial – The Lyme Disease Epidemic: A Canadian Public Health Disaster appeared and was distributed to all federal and provincial politicians, Canada’s medical associations, and our universities.)

On the website, the Minister describes governmental awareness campaigns such as “Let’s Target Lyme,” an information effort for the public and health care providers on tick recognition, symptoms, and protection measures ( Matthews wants the millions of petitioners to know that Public Health Ontario is doing everything possible in synch with the federal government. Finally, the Minister’s statement includes what she sees as a confidence-inspiring statistic: over the past three years “the number of cases of Lyme disease has remained fairly stable at approximately 100 per year.” We are to believe that this is due to increased testing and surveillance. (Oddly, right across the border, Lyme cases are increasing exponentially, as new annual infection cases are being documented in the tens of thousands in most Eastern seaboard states; the same is true for Europe.)

In my view, the Minister’s response is appalling: – it does not address the irrefutable, documented, facts outlined in the petition; – it bypasses the core problem of Chronic Lyme disease; – it ignores the key demand for current, scientifically validated and reliable testing which is not available in Ontario, forcing those who can afford it to go to the U.S.; – it simply reaffirms that all is well with that bogus two-tiered ELISA-plus Western-blot test which MPP Bailey’s petition proposes to eliminate in favour of more accurate testing.

How can a government defend a test that is known to be 95% false negative? Even if it is supported by federal guidelines? Truly, Health Canada knows no evil, Public Health hears no evil, and the Ministry of Health speaks no evil.

Healthcare delivery is a provincial responsibility – so, the Lyme bug stops here. This inappropriate testing only serves the appearance of government diligence in the midst of the world’s fastest proliferating infectious disease – faster than tuberculosis and malaria (WHO 2008).

Those 100 cases cited by Matthews must have been identified by that antiquated ELISA testing protocol which unfortunately only recognizes foreign (outside North America) strains of Lyme bacteria; that means they fell into that potential 5% correctly detected group. Actually, given the soaring increase in all those chronic diseases listed in MPP Bailey’s petition, there likely are 95% more undetected Lyme infections happening annually which go untreated and, as the possibility of a treatable infection is simply not part of a differential diagnosis, these patients go on to become the victims of those other catastrophic diseases – the causes of which include Lyme (in theory, that would be at least another 1,700 cases annually).

What is really terrifying is the fact that Lyme is transmissible through the placenta as well as through sexual contact. The first documented case of sexually transmitted Lyme involved former U.S. President George W. Bush, Jr., who transmitted it to the former First Lady. So, despite the huge advances medicine has made in infectious disease prevention, detection, and treatment, here we go back to the 19th century when syphilis was the equivalent of our current Lyme disease epidemic.

The April issue of the Journal of Parasitology reported that “millions of Lyme disease vector ticks are dispersed annually by songbirds across Canada.” According to the report, samples taken from 42 bird species identified Lyme-infected ticks throughout Canada, all the way to the Yukon, causing Canadians to be exposed to this infection “locally without any history of travel” into endemic areas. More than 50 strains of the Lyme-causing Borellia burgdorferi are known to be strictly North American variants, but “Canadian testing laboratories have not yet considered geographic and genome sequence variation,” resulting in “clinicians [being] unaware of the genetic heterogeneity” of these bacteria; thus an accurate diagnosis is impossible.

In December 2010, the Journal of Clinical Microbiology published a severe critique of the testing protocol used by infectious disease specialists at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto; this study was funded and co-authored by the Public Health Agency of Canada. In it, the authors discuss the case of a Lyme-infected child whose Canadian test was negative, but the Lyme-specific treatment was undertaken anyway on the basis of symptoms and history and continued regardless of the test result, which saved the child’s life.

My Personal Experience with Lyme In 2010, when I co-authored and published Ending Denial for the Lyme Action Group and the national CanLyme organization, I never dreamed that I myself would become infected with Lyme in 2011 – as did my husband, and two of my granddaughters, and that I would also nurse a Chronic Lyme patient through her pregnancy. Nine months were spent worrying about the high probability of a brain-damaged baby being born, because Lyme spirochetes attack the developing fetal brain.

Astonishingly, the mother obtained three (!) blood tests showing the presence of Lyme over the course of three months in the first trimester, all by that outdated ELISA blood test. Since it only recognizes foreign strains, it appears she had been infected outside Canada.

The Canadian ELISA testing protocol cannot pick up infections contracted within Canada through those species’ variants that are endemic to North America. Our continental variants of Borrelia burgdorferi can be delivered through migratory birds, deer ticks, cats, dogs, moose, mosquitoes, male sperm, placental blood, human tears, and breast milk. Yet, the infectious disease specialist who saw our pregnant patient simply announced that she could not possibly have Lyme, even though the Ontario test results were in his hands. A fair guess would be that he did not know what to do about Lyme.

Any reader will wonder why only testing for foreign bugs qualifies under OHIP. This is because in Canada the two most definitive antibody responses, named bands 31 and 34 which confirm the presence of Borrelia spirochetes, are omitted from the ELISA testing protocol. Our pregnant patient had positive blood test results because she was infected with an Asian variant of Borrelia burgdorferi that the Ontario test does recognize.

In Ontario, a self-satisfied blind government appears to lead a medical profession kept blind too, with a testing protocol that ensures everybody stays purposefully ignorant because that test too is almost totally blind, occasionally able to recognize a few cases and thereby lull us all into a false sense of public health security. How are doctors supposed to know how to recognize Lyme disease when our testing protocol prevents recognition so perfectly? When they do see it, they are unprepared to treat it. All that sophisticated medical research published in the most prestigious international journals is kept out of medical practice by a government policy that ensures complex new scientific discoveries about Lyme do not confuse medical minds with the true facts about this messy disease. A friend of mine summarized current government policy beautifully: “All we need to knock off the human race is a Lyme tick to wreck our immune systems and a cell phone to fry our brains.” (See my April feature in Vitality.)

Fortunately, our family got help fast – through an ILADS-trained physician. As a result, our pregnant friend was treated with daily antibiotic shots during the crucial months of pregnancy when Lyme-mediated potential kidney failure in the mother needed constant monitoring with various antibiotics. During the first six months, ultrasound tests showed that the fetus was abnormally small, but as soon as the appropriate antibiotic protocol commenced, the baby grew fast to a normal size.

Finally, as the result of a homeopathic protocol created by a Lyme-literate homeopath, midwife, and professor of obstetrics, a rare and wonderful outcome was achieved: a baby grown in a Chronic Lyme patient’s body, but born Lyme-free, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces. The mother is in equally good health, and blood testing at six weeks post-partum showed negative for Lyme Disease. This success happened despite Ontario’s insupportable policy which misguides Ontario’s infectious disease doctors. All the thanks go to the research of Dr. Charles Ray Jones, an expert on Lyme in pregnancy who presented last October at the annual international ILADS conference, held in Toronto for the first time. And yes, the rest of us are also on the mend, through the use of naturopathy and antibiotics.

Who benefits from this insupportable government policy? Jim Wilson, founder and director of the national patient support group, CanLyme, agrees with Pamela Weintraub, the author of the famous book Cure Unknown; Jim writes that the consistent downplaying of the severity of Lyme disease only “benefits the global medical insurers, who underwrite all of our employee disability coverage and who do not want to incur the cost of this global pandemic, and the workers’ compensation boards across Canada. The pharmaceutical industry benefits greatly by inventing a new drug to treat each of the many symptoms of Lyme Disease, making billions of dollars globally while doing no research to treat the cause of the disease or to find better diagnostic tools.”

Public Activism and Scientific Research Leads to New Developments Under the leadership of Jim Wilson, the Lyme-afflicted residents of B.C. have worked for more than two decades now to get the attention of their provincial government. “Naturopaths in British Columbia,” Jim writes, “who have passed the pharmacology exams have been allowed to prescribe and several have stepped up to the plate by diagnosing and treating patients who require antibiotics. We are hoping the situation is about to improve again in B.C. In 2010, the B.C. government, in response to pressure exerted by the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation and patients across the province, announced the opening of a Complex Chronic Disease Clinic. The clinic will focus on chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Lupus. Board members from CanLyme and representatives from the other disorder groups have played a limited but hopeful role in the set-up of the clinic… Interviews for the medical director position for this new B.C. clinic, housed at the B.C. Children and Women’s Hospital in Vancouver, were completed at the end of March, 2012. The clinic is to be operational by May 1st, 2012.”

Terrible as Lyme disease is, it is also true that some of the finest medical minds have figured out its deep and complex puzzles so that many treatment protocols have been developed, some of which do not require antibiotics. Most interesting is the work of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who has treated Lyme for decades and discovered that recovery by any treatment protocol requires that the patient be fully protected from EMF radiation. In the presence of cell phone radiation, for example, Lyme bacteria and their co-infections thrive and are able to evade therapeutic interventions. His Lyme patients must switch off their main electrical breakers at night, and avoid all forms of wireless technology while undergoing treatment. There is a wealth of information out there about healing from Lyme. (More information on the Klinghardt protocol can be found in the book Ending Denial.)

But the microbial arms’ race is far from over: we have recently learned from a Yale University researcher, Dr. Durland Fish, that there exists yet another variant of the Lyme-causing bacterium, called Borrelia miyamotoi, also found in deer ticks. Initially it causes much higher fevers than the traditional Lyme bacteria. In the U.S., the National Institutes of Health refused funding for its study repeatedly, until forced into action by Russian scientists who proved its existence, and then proved that it causes Lyme disease.

What will it take before Ontario gets real on this issue? One ray of hope comes from MPP Bailey and his colleague MPP Kim Craitor (Liberal, Niagara Falls) whose admirable response to this Ministerial stonewalling is to introduce a Private Member’s Bill in the Ontario legislature soon. This Bill is intended to make Lyme disease a political issue requiring a proper response – from every MPP representing those 3.5 million Ontarians whose petition was fluffed off.

Because Lyme disease affects more people than cancer, and left untreated could cost the healthcare system even more than cancer, this is a fiscal issue of the first order. Those of you who worked to get MPP Monte Kwinter’s Health Freedom Bill passed into law in 2000 know that health freedom is only health-promoting and freedom-protective to the extent that we refuse to tolerate policies that haven’t a leg to stand on and are a disgrace to public health. May is international Lyme Disease Month. Is it not high time that Ontario joins the rest of the world?

References • H. Ferrie, ed. Ending Denial – The Lyme Disease Epidemic: A Canadian Public Health Disaster, KOS Publishing 2010. This book covers the politics, history, science, and proven therapies for Lyme disease in the context of the Canadian situation. All proceeds go to Lyme Action Group: $20 plus shipping and tax, call 519-927-1049 • For reliable testing and treatments contact • In Canada visit the national group • in Ontario • To support the private member’s bill contact MPP Bob Bailey at and MPP Kim Craitor,

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Perhaps the biggest ongoing medical scandal of the past hundred years is the fact that it has been known since 1911 that Multiple Sclerosis is caused by a bacterium, and that the medical establishment covered this up, in order to make money selling symptom relievers to MS patients. Since 1911, overwhelmingly much medical research has been conducted where living Borrelia bacteria were found in the brains of people who were diagnosed with MS.
Time and time again. By at least a dozen medical researchers. In at least ten countries. Since 1911 – the past one hundred years. Several older but also recent autopsy findings linked to in this article found that all deceased MS patients’ brains harbored living Lyme spirochetes. Even when tests, notorious for their large percentage of false negatives were used on living MS patients, staggeringly many tested positive for active Lyme borreliosis.
Then why isn’t this common knowledge? Surely, those thousands of MS experts and MS researchers can’t be all wrong?
Let’s examine the reality on the ground.

1. Multiple Sclerosis Societies.

Every Western country has at least one MS Society. Each of those tax-exempt societies typically receives tens of millions of dollars in funding from various sources, year after year. The people running those societies usually award themselves CEO-level salaries and run them as one would run a highly commercial corporation. Advertising is used to solicit funds but if you don’t read ads then you’ll bump into them, one day, begging you for money on the street. For all those billions that have been pumped over the decades in those hundreds of MS societies worldwide, not a single one has ever done anything really useful for MS patients. The worst that could possibly happen for the bosses of those setups is that the cause of MS would become known. A known cause would either mean the development of either a cure or at least better symptom relievers, and that would rapidly result in the obsoleteness of their money making machine – the chicken that lays the golden eggs if you will. Such MS societies are working in concert with MS “researchers” employed by Big Pharma.
2. Big Pharma.
Multinational pharmaceutical corporations are the only ones doing MS research nowadays, mainly using donations to MS societies. Those multinationals decide which researchers get the cash. Researchers wanting to test the postulation of bacterial etiology of MS are shunned as if they were crackpots. Big Pharma makes billions a year on MS symptom relievers and they trickle millions down to their footsoldiers, the “MS experts”. A cure would be a severe financial blow. Even more so, because there is strong evidence that many other neurological illnesses are caused by germs as well. Because due to the phenomenon of immune privilege there is an inadequate immune response in the brain and spinal cord, making these organs the ideal place for certain slow-dividing spirochetal bacteria to entrench, multiply and cause lesions. The entire concept of antibiotic-resistant, hard-to-test-for chronic CNS infections leading to a dearth of neurological syndromes has to be suppressed and what can’t be suppressed will be craftily discredited. Better to give every expression of a neurological infection its own name such as “MS”, “Alzheimers”, “Parkinsons,” “ALS” and “Fibromyalgia”. And fund armies of ignorant “experts” to obfuscate the issue, whilst boycotting, firing, censoring, smearing and suing those few real experts that refuse to stay in line. Big Pharma is in business to make money, and money is made when people are ill, not when they’re healthy. Anyone standing in their way is relegated to the sidelines. Patents are being bought and shelved so that cures will never see the light of day.
3. Patient advocacy groups.
MS patient groups are, without exception, populated with clueless individuals for the simple reason that those who did their homework and read the relevant research have been ostracized by the group. They always were and they always will, because that’s how group dynamics works. As soon as you insist on voicing an opinion outside of the mainstream, no matter how well argued – you’ll be an outcast, a pariah. They don’t want rogue activists, “lone nutters”, giving them a bad name. Also the advocacy groups are raking in the dough and are run by folks whose main concern is that membership dues are paid in time. No MS, no advocacy group. Of course if there ever will emerge a lobby group insisting on more microbiological research pertaining Multiple sclerosis, they’ll be branded “lunatic fringe” and their efforts will be in vain.
4. MS “experts”.
Those “experts” get away with calling themselves thus, because Big Pharma gives them their seal of approval in the form of research grants and medical media exposure. However they are only experts in doing exactly what Big Pharma wants them to do: Obscuring the cause of Multiple Sclerosis! In return, the “experts” get regular cash injections for their “promising research” and other goodies such as all-in holidays to exotic destinations. There never will be a cure for MS until the scandal breaks and new antibiotics are developed that work better than the few currently available antibiotics that cross the blood-brain barrier. As it stands, it has been more than twenty years ago since any new antibiotic was developed. As soon as it was found that Minocycline helped with MS, its manufacturer, Lederle, tripled its price.
After long consideration I came to the conclusion that at least a crucial part of this debâcle was due to a real conspiracy – mainly a conspiracy of silence of those few MS researchers bright enough to realize that the cause for MS has been known for at least a hundred years. As is always the case with medical cover-ups, it continues to exist due to a mix of ignorance, indifference, cowardice and corruption.  The saying goes: “Do not attribute to malice that what can be adequately blamed on ignorance”. All the “experts” really are interested in is being “experts”, not curing Multiple sclerosis.  However it still is a conspiracy. It is completely normal for conspiracies to succeed because the lion share of the people who could point it out don’t care, are too lazy to get educated or feel too intimidated to stick out their necks. Microbiologist Tom Grier calls them cowards. The fact that most conspiracies are silently facilitated by an army of “useful idiots” with a stake in it being kept under the rug does not make it any less a conspiracy.
Evidence for a conspiracy of silence
Now I’ve given my opinion. You may find it harsh – I call it mild.
You don’t have to believe me, when I say there is a conspiracy. Believe Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease expert Dr. Alan B. MacDonald M.D., Staff Pathologist at the St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center. He wrote:
(published online 10 July 2006 in Volume 67, Issue 4, page 819-832 in Medical Hypotheses)
“Conventional thinking about spirochetal cyst forms is divided between two polar spheres of influence; one a majority community that completely denies the existence of spirochetal cyst forms, and a second group of academically persecuted individuals who accepts the precepts of such antebellum scientists as Schaudinn, Hoffman, Dutton, Levaditi, Balfour, Fantham, Noguchi, McDonough, Hindle, Steiner, Ingraham, Coutts, Hampp, Warthin, Ovcinnikov, and Delamater. Microscopic images of cystic spirochetes are difficult to ignore, but as has been the case in this century, academic “endowments” have nearly expunged all cystic spirochetal image data from the current textbook versions of what is the truth about the spirochetaceae. If the image database from the last century is obliterated; many opportunities to diagnose will be lost. Variously sized cystic spirochetal profiles within diseased nerve cells explain the following structures: Lewy body of Parkinson’s disease, Pick body, ALS spherical body, Alzheimer plaque. Borrelia infection is therefore a unifying concept to explain diverse neurodegenerative diseases, based not entirely on a corkscrew shaped profile in diseased tissue, but based on small, medium and large caliber rounded cystic profiles derived from pathogenic spirochetes which are hiding in plain sight.”
Note how he claims that the majority of researchers deny the existence of spirochetal cystic forms. Denial is defined as knowing that something exists, but deliberately refusing to acknowledge it for ulterior motives.  By putting “endowments” between question marks, he implies that Big Pharma bribes universities and publishers into censoring the very existence of spirochetal cysts from medical textbooks.

See full story here:

Tick-borne babesiosis is a less well known but potent disease
By Maia Smith
January 25, 2012

Babesiosis is about the closest most Americans will ever come to experiencing malaria, and like malaria its symptoms range from crippling to lethal to none at all. Both are vector-borne diseases (mosquitoes in the case of malaria and deer ticks for babesiosis).
Both diseases infect the spleen and liver; the symptoms are similar; the pathogens are closely related and are treatable by the same drugs. However, babesiosis is one of the lesser known tick-borne diseases: not that it doesn’t occur, but doctors outside of tick hotspots may not know much about it or know when to look for it.
It’s not too surprising that I came down with babesiosis last summer; what is surprising, is that I got cured. For that, I credit the Red Cross.
Although there is no FDA-licensed test to screen blood for babesiosis at this time, the Red Cross does selectively test blood donations and conducts research studies. A few weeks after I donated, I got a letter in the mail, informing me that I had tested positive for babesiosis.
I hadn’t felt particularly sick; sure there were times I’d felt better, but there were also times I’d felt worse and still had to go to school. I called up Island Health Care, who squeezed me in for a blood test that same day.  They prescribed atovaquone, a drug known as malarone when it’s used to treat malaria. I took the drug, felt better, and two months later tested clean.
Just because I didn’t look sick, doesn’t mean I didn’t have the disease. If my blood had been given to someone who was already sick from something else, it could have killed them. Old people are especially susceptible; so are HIV patients, little kids and people without a spleen. Since 1979, transfused babesiosis has infected at least 70 people, of whom 12 died, according to the Red Cross.

See full story

It has long been known that ticks harbor Bartonella and that humans who have Lyme disease may also have Bartonellosis. However, the actual transmission of Bartonella from tick to host has not been demonstrated until a mouse study by Drs Reis and colleagues was published in May 2011. The study is available free on line for those interested. “This work represents the first in vivo demonstration of a Bartonella sp. transmission by ticks. It . . . corroborate[s] a prospect that ticks play a role in the natural cycles of some of the bartonellae including those pathogenic for humans. Consequently, bartonelloses should be included in the differential diagnosis for patients exposed to tick bites.”
The study also found that transstadial transmission is high.  This means that bartonella  survive in the tick through the molt from one life stage to another, for example from nymphal ticks to adult ticks. It had been thought that the possible mechanism of transmission of bartonella might be through contaminated tick feces. funded a study at UC Davis pursuing this theory. However, this study confirms that transmission to the host occurs with saliva and not through contaminated feces.

See full story:

In November 2011, Dr. John Gregory Hofffman, MD, who had treated Lyme patients for 20 years, had his license suspended by the Wisconsin medical board. This left 1300 Lyme patients scrambling for other medical care. This week, the medical board endorsed an agreement that may allow Hoffman to resume treating.

See full story @
(formally CALDA)

On December 12/2012 Canlyme printed this story … regarding a letter that was sent out to ALL MP/MLA’s regarding Lyme disease in Nova Scotia .  It seems I am not the only one upset about this letter.  One of the lines I was most upset with, because it rang so true, was not in the original “Strang Letter” , it was in the rebuttal from The Canlyme website…..
“Canadian Infectious Disease doctors Canada wide have refused in writing to see any patient that did not pass that flawed protocol “.
That sentence directly applied to me, as I too could not be seen here in Nova Scotia by Infectious disease, and I also know of others. I also have it in writing,  not once, but twice  !!!!!  I decided to enquire about the contents of the letter (which would be used to educate the public and squash public fear) but it was more like pulling teeth.  I emailed all 52 constituents to see what they thought. The responses were varied, to say the least. What I received was anything from no to yes, through a third party,  to pretty much ….. you may as well take a hike.  It will take awhile to get these posted…. but here’s a small taste.

MLA for Lunenburg West (endemic jurisdiction Lunenburg and Queens Co.)

He is Ministerial Assistant to the Department of Health and Wellness.

Subject: Re: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:57:25 -0300
Dec 17, 2012
This note is in regard to Dr. Strang /Chief Medical Office (DHW) letter regarding Lyme disease. This letter was sent out to all MLA/MP dated November 28, 2012 . Could you please confirm that your office has received this letter from him.
Thank you in advance,
From: ingrid
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 10:35 AM
Dear Constituent,
I sent you an email two days ago and have not had a response yet. Do you have someone that answers emails from the people that elected you?  As an elected member I would expect at least that. The only question I had, at that time, was if you received the letter from Dr. Strang/Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding Lyme disease?  Lyme disease is a province wide issue. However, now I am very dismayed that I have not received any response …..PLEASE RESPOND!!
Sincerely Ingrid
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 14:35:54 -0400
Dear Mrs XXXXXX :
I apologize for not responding sooner as I thought this was a hoax. Let me explain why.  It is addressed to Dear Constituent. I am the MLA for Lunenburg West, although technically I suppose I am  my own constituent. I have no idea if you are even a constituent of mine as you have not identified your home community, and I respond, as much as possible, to my own constituents first.   I get many e-mails per day along with many phone calls.  I try to respond to everyone as soon as possible , but events at this time of year often take me out of the office, and I am a bit slower at getting back  As I indicated, I thought the bizarre salutation made this a hoax.  I answer all my own e-mails, as I am the elected representative, and as such I am the one who should and does respond.  I am not sure why a two day response window would cause you to  be dismayed, but in answer to your question, I did receive a letter from Dr. Strang, and I have referred your inquiry to his office
Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.
From: ingrid
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2013 3:26 PM
constituent – a member of a constituency; a citizen who is represented in a government by officials for whom he or she votes; “needs continued support by constituents to be re-elected”

Tuesday Janruary 01, 2013
Dear Mr. Gary Ramey MLA Lunenburg West,
HOAX ????
Thankyou very much for your note and addressing my inappropriate verbatim and usage of the word ” constitiuent”. It absolutly astounds me that someone with part of your Bio. Premier Darryl Dexter’s Ministerial Assistant for the Department of Health and a former board memeber of Bonnie Lea farm (so eleqauntly-I might add) took a full paragraph to address. Were you trying to be rude, belittling or were you just trying to avoid this issue of Lyme disease and the “letter” all together?
While I do not live in “YOUR” endemic area, Lyme disease is a serious Province wide issue!!!!
As being our Premier’s Ministerial Assistant I would assume that you would have been one of the first to have been privy to the letter “Lyme disease in Nova Scotia” by our Chief Medical Officer-Dr. Robert Strang, before it was sent out. I’m perplexed as to why you felt the need to address the “bizzare” salutation in great detail, rather than the important issue at hand. Why did you forward my inquiry to Dr. Strang’s office? Our Premier has first hand knowledge of the issues with Lyme disease in this province, have you spoke to him regarding Lyme disease? My question was to you Mr. Ramey, more importantly, what did you think of the letter?
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 14:35:54 -0400
Thank-you for your email.  I want you to know that my response to you was in no way meant to be condescending, belittling, or rude.  It is not in my nature to treat others this way, and conversely I do not enjoy being treated that way myself.  I reiterate that I thought because of the salutation that this e-mail was a hoax.  I also recollect there was something about the return e-mail address that I found strange, but I would have to go back and look at the original e-mail to check on what that was.
In any event, my role as Ministerial Assistant does not make me privy to discussions on health care policy in Nova Scotia on a regular basis, nor, in my role as Ministerial Assistant, am I consistently informed on all the issues that are the purview of the Department of Health and Wellness.  Policy discussions and health care practices are in the arena of the minister in consultation with experts in their respective fields, of which Dr. Strang would be one. In 2009, when our government was elected, we merged the Department of Health and the Department of Wellness together to form one.  As a result, the minister’s role was expanded due to the formation of of one ministry from two.  The role of the Ministerial Assistant is similar to that of a Parliamentary Secretary to a federal cabinet minister.  This means I often appear on behalf of the minister at an event, or deliver a speech on his behalf.  My role is not to formulate policy, or to be consulted or briefed on the myriad of health-related issues confronting the minister.  That’s his defined role.
I recognize that Lyme Disease is a health issue in our province and, specifically in my area of the province,—–  Lunenburg and Queens Counties. I read the letter from Dr. Strang and felt it was thoughtful, comprehensive, and clear.  I know this issue continues to receive attention at the department.  Not being an expert in this field, nor having a role to play that would be applicable, I forwarded your concerns to the individuals in government who would be most likely to professionally address this issue.  It is my duty to do this, as that is my role as an MLA.
I hope this clarifies my position on this matter.
Happy New Year
Warmest regards,
From: Lyme Ing <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 10:40 PM
Dear Mr. Gary Ramey MLA Lunenburg West:
Thank-you very much for your email. The orignal intention of this email was to find out if you as an “MLA” had received the letter “Lyme disease in Nova Scotia” by Dr. Strang/Chief Medical Officer of Health dated November 28/2012 and WHEN ? It seems that as of today’s date not all MP/MLA’s have received it (some have received it through a third party). When did you recieve this letter directly from Dr. Strang’s office is the question? Please do not forward this question to Dr. Strang’s office (I have his email) as this question was not posed to him it was directed at you soley as your role as an MLA with Lunenburg being an endemic area, which is in your arena as an MLA.
Please note:
I have changed my email address from (the email address you found strange)  to maybe we can stay focused on the task at hand , and not skirt the issue.
Happy New Year,
**** Still awaiting response…!!! ****

Dartmouth East-Andrew Younger MLA

Subject: RE: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 00:05:22 -0300
Dec 17, 2012
This note is in regard to Dr. Strang /Chief Medical Office (DHW) letter regarding Lyme disease. This letter was sent out to all MLA/MP dated November 28, 2012 . Could you please confirm that your office has received this letter from him.
Thank you in advance,
From: ingrid (]
Sent: December-18-12 1:29 PM
To: Office of Andrew Younger MLA
Subject: RE: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Do you have someone that responds to emails?
Subject: RE: Lyme disease in Nova Scotia
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 18:43:17 +0000
Yes Ms. XXXXXX, I respond to emails on behalf of Andrew’s office.
However, I wanted to check with Andrew about a response to your query.
This constituency office has never received any missive from Dr. Strang regarding Lyme disease, nor any other topic in recent memory. Neither has Andrew’s Liberal Party office (the caucus office) in downtown Halifax.
At this point in time, we have yet to find an MLA who is in receipt of this message from Dr. Strang regarding Lyme disease.
What we have received, is an email “in response to” Dr. Strang’s mystery message stating that Dr. Strang’s letter contains “some serious misinformation”. That email has been forwarded to Andrew, via this office.
We hope that answers your question.
Patti Tabor
Patti Tabor | Constituency Assistant
Office of Andrew Younger
MLA – Dartmouth East
73 Tacoma Drive, Suite 600 |
Dartmouth | Nova Scotia | B2W 3Y6
T: 902.406.4420 | F: 902.406.4421 | E:

Vicki Conrad MLA Queens

Ingrid, on behalf of Vicki Conrad, thank you for your email and my apologies for not responding earlier.  We have received the letter from Dr. Strang and we have been advised that Dr. Strang will be addressed the inquiry in the new year.
Seasons’s Greetings & Happy New Year!
Judi Milne, Constituency Assistant
We Build Ships – check it out:
Ministerial Assistant to Transportation & Infrastructure & Caucus Chair
PO Box 430, 43 Carten St., Liverpool, NS  B0T 1K0
902-354-5203, fax 1-902-354-5247, toll free 1-888-354-5203
As a footnote (from Canlyme) :

Local MLAs hear requests for Lyme disease vigilance

NEW GLASGOW – Pictou County’s three MLAs and several county councilors got educated about Lyme disease from those suffering from the disease. They also received a long list of items the delegation wants instituted into Nova Scotia’s detection and treatment of the disease during a meeting on Monday at Justice Minister Ross Landry’s Pictou Centre constituency office. “We did our best,” delegation member Alice Lees said. “There are strong intentions and they’ve information that will be helpful.” Besides Landry, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker and Pictou East MLA Clarrie MacKinnon, municipal councilors in attendance included Deputy Warden Andy Thompson, Sally Fraser, Debi Wadden and Jamie Davidson. “We know Lyme disease is a serious and real problem,” Landry said. “The big thing is getting the medical and health communities and the public educated. We met to help assure that various departments are aware of this.” The delegation members want the Medical Act of Nova Scotia updated to ensure those with Lyme disease receive the same guarantee former Health Minister Maureen MacDonald asserted “that all Nova Scotians receive the best possible care from highly qualified and trained doctors.”

Animal Discovery- Infested House – ** Caution ** Not for the weak of heart

Top 100 Stories of 2011 #90: Chronic Lyme Patients Validated?
A new study uncovered biomarkers for Lyme disease symptoms that persist even after treatment.
by Katie Palmer From the January-February special is
sue; published online January 5, 2012

Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (in which symptoms persist after antibiotic treatment) have spent decades fending off charges that their debilitating exhaustion and cognitive problems were simply imagined. But a study released last February provides tangible evidence that their conditions are real and distinct entities.
Immunologist Steven Schutzer of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey examined samples of cerebrospinal fluid, the clear liquid ?that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, from patients with each syndrome. In identifying the contents of that fluid, he documented different sets of proteins for each group of patients, potential biomarkers that distinguish between the two ?conditions and healthy controls. Schutzer revealed the marker proteins by removing common, unrelated proteins like albumin and immunoglobulin from the spinal fluid before his analysis. “That lets the smaller proteins—the potential biomarkers—not get obscured,” he says. “At least now we know we’re not just speculating about the differences between chronic fatigue syndrome and post-treatment Lyme.”

Dec 28, 2011

Vancouver Sun link:

Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg discovered a mistake in 24 test results last month. Of these, 16 people were treated, two never fell sick enough to seek treatment, one is going to get treatment, and there’s no information on the other five.

“There are 24 individuals who we reported out falsely, negative test results,” Dr. Frank Plummer, scientific director of the National Microbiology Laboratory said Thursday from Mexico City. “They should have been reported as positive.”

The people are in Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia, the Public Health Agency of Canada said.

Read more here:


Brenda Sterling-Goodwin gives a factual talk about Lyme Disease, how it is contracted, and how it is treated when diagnosed. The talk was presented at the New Glasgow branch of the Pictou Antigonish Regional Library in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, May 6, 2010. This is part 1 of 4 videos that comprise the recording.

Remember they said Lyme doest kill. When the truth is forest from that.
Not only does it kill, but has. The media just started in the last few years coving stories about Lyme’s. Why wait till now, I mean hello it’s been here since we known early 1970′s, and they are just now picking up on it. Get real. The fact is just this they chose to ignore it, only to have people blind sided when struck down with this illness. Now that many live daily suffering they chose to treat people like it’s in there heads. Well yeah it is, But it’s not our imaginations as they wish it was. It’s called Lyme Disease. But keep in mind we the survivors are told by many in the medical field Lyme disease doesn’t kill. When we question to why we feel so ill, or our bodies are giving out do to this illness ; It’s in our heads, only make us feel even more confused, and alone. This video may seem cold, it’s far from it. It gives a voice to those that have past on, giving only more meaning to their lives. No more BS about it, for far to long we sat praying for a cure. WE trusted in the medical field. After all we never ask to get sick in the first place. We don’t ask for a cure, we demand it. Time to face the reality of facts.
In memory of those who lost their battle with this horrific disease, and lives where cut short.

Talk about how Lyme’s has been ignored for many years. Signs ,side effects,and validates the death of former Lyme’s patients. The most important is a doctor go’s on the recorded stating more needs to be done

How the health care system has failed them. CHEK News Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Interview with Jay McQuhae regarding his daughter Marie battling Lyme Disease while they battle the road blocks in our healthcare system. After chartering a private jet they have now left Canada for her to be treated by a Lyme specialist in Northern California

See Video:

May 13, 2008 with the description: Daryl Hall talks about Lyme Disease

Randy Sykes message to Lyme Patients asking patients to put aside their personal differences and act together for positive change. Mr. Sykes was a DOT working in Connecticut before being stricken down with Lyme.

He isn’t lazy, rides Harleys and is not someone to bellyache.

More information:…


Ticks can attack moose in droves, draining their blood and possibly killing them.
Babesiosis is carried by ticks. It can cause extremely high fevers and even death! Common only in New England, every year it seems to show up further and further West.
(Please note: this is not only common to New England or just West… it too likes the East Coast…

This is video of spirochetes and biofilm found in infected ticks throughout BC from Dr. Kindree and Dr. Banergee from the BC CDC. This video was given to Dr. Murakami by Dr. Kindree.


On November 2nd, 2008, Leslie Rae Wermers, UNDER OUR SKIN’s greatest fan and an indomitable force in the Lyme disease community, died of complications from Lyme disease. Her extraordinary love, dedication and passion always will be remembered. These are interview outtakes with Leslie from the production of UNDER OUR SKIN, filmed at a Lyme memorial service in Iowa in 2007. For further information visit


An infectious film about microbes, money and medicine.

One of the most controversial illnesses in the history of medicine, Lyme disease may be the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States. Yet each year thousands are misdiagnosed – many of them told that their symptoms are “all in their head.” This upcoming documentary investigates the shocking human, medical, and political dimensions of Lyme disease, an emerging epidemic destroying countless numbers of lives. A case study of the dangers of the confluence of money and medicine, the film brings into focus a haunting picture of our healthcare system and its inability to cope with a biological terror under our skin.

 March 2010

Critics and Lyme disease sufferers say their illness isn’t taken seriously enough and the ‘ignorance’ and ‘arrogance’ of Canadian health agencies has driven them to desperation.