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Hi, my name is Alexa Hostetler. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I am 14 years and I have Lyme Disease.
I have had it for almost 3 years now, since age 11.
For the past 3 years I have been sick with terrible stomach pain. AGONIZING! A burn, but yet hurt at the top of my stomach.
My mom and I have been all around the state, to GI doctors, infectious disease doctors, everyone. I have had upper GI tests, endoscopies and biopsies, ultrasounds, all kinds of tests, and not one doctor found anything.

My mom had suggested to most of the doctors, that maybe it’s Lyme Disease, they thought we were crazy, and most of them ended up saying, that it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with me causing me to be so sick.

After being sick for about 3 years, we went to a family doctor and decided that I should be tested for Lyme Disease. My mom sent the kit with my blood to California to have it tested and it came back positive. Lyme Disease was positive, and also H. Pylori.
It causes me to be sick sleeping on the floor of my bathroom every 6-8 weeks. With diarrhea, vomiting, and terrible stomach pain.

I have missed tons and tons of school, and vacations, and friend time.

But now I am at an excellent doctor in Raleigh NC, who is treating me with nutrients, and we are about to start the medicine. I am still battleing Lyme and H. Pylori.

Deer ticks may be spreading to a larger area of Bedford, N.S., than was previously thought, says MLA Kelly Regan.

The tick carries a parasite that can cause Lyme disease, a condition that has affected several residents who live near Admiral’s Cove Park.

Last week, a case of a deer tick, also known as a blacklegged tick, with Lyme disease was confirmed several kilometres away on Doyle Street and Regan is warning residents to take precautions.

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Ticked off

20 comments wrote:
BBC commentator Jonathan Pearce contracted Lyme Disease during his time in South Africa for the World Cup.

The veteran broadcaster broke the news on his Twitter account earlier this week ”Bit of bad news. Contracted lyme disease in South Africa, a tick borne paralisis.

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WHILE experts maintain that there is no presence of Lyme disease in Australia, northern beaches victims are insisting otherwise.

Studies have concluded that those diagnosed with the disease must have been bitten by infected ticks while travelling in Europe or the United States.

But try telling that to Avalon resident Sarah Bayes, who suffered from a tick bite for 16 years that she received in her garden.

“I contracted what was described as a Lyme-like illness from a tick bite in 1989,” she said.

“It was five years before I was diagnosed and my illness was acknowledged as something.”

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Updated: Thu Jul. 29 2010 18:55:03

Health officials said blacklegged ticks may currently be around the Stanley Trail area in south-central Manitoba. That type of tick can carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

So far, health officials said there have been two Lyme disease cases in humans who were in the area and there are also reports of Lyme disease in dogs.

Manitoba Health said additional sampling will be carried out to confirm the presence of the ticks.

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image from cbc

cbc wrote july 19:
Ticks carrying Lyme disease are on the move on the island of Newfoundland, lab tests have confirmed.

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image from’s Invasive Species warnings:
The black legged tick has been positively identified in Admiral’s Cove Park in Bedford.

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bsichel of Media Corp wrote:
Nova Scotia has seen 48 cases of Lyme disease since its first reporting in 2002, according to the Department of Health Promotion and Protection. This month’s cases in Bedford prompted a controversial plan by city council to use a powerful pesticide in the park – a plan quickly nixed by the provincial NDP government as it came to light that the pesticide is not approved for use in Canada. Bedford councillor Tim Outhit and the Chronicle-Herald’s editorial team have both condemned the province’s decision.

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Halifax metro posted article June 10, 2010
Tanya Payzant of Bedford son Bradly’s contrated Lyme Disease. They live in Admirals Cove. Her son is taking antibiotics for the Arthritis condition in his knee which is caused by the Lyme Disease with no effect.

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As you can see by the date we have been aware of Lyme disease in our area for a long time….

Ticks that carry Lyme disease are considered “established” around Lunenberg, N.S., along Lake Erie in Ontario, and parts of southern B.C.

An area near Halifax and one in southeastern Manitoba are also under investigation for the ticks.

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Health Minister Maureen MacDonald’s decided to prevent the city from spraying pathways in the park in effort to control deer ticks that carry Lyme disease.
Chronicle herald has full story

For Ingrid


Denise and I are very sorry to hear that you have Lyme Disease.  We hope that maybe this blog will bring you some peace  during these difficult times and allow you to  help spread awareness of this terrible disease.  You are not alone and with you sharing your story it will let other people effected by Lyme Disease know that they are not alone. We wish you all the BEST!


Derek & Denise